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"An event is a living experience. A constant part of life. Vienna Classic brings you these moments closer. Vienna Classic promises renowned artists, which present classical masterpieces in the highest quality. 
I invite you to be part of an exclusive audience."

Dr. Rainer Maas - Your host
Dr. Rainer Maas

upcoming events

Piano recital with pianist Peter Naryshkin

Masterpieces of classical music at Coselpalais

Experience masterpieces of piano music by Chopin, Debussy und Tschaikowski, presented by pianist Peter Naryshkin at Coselpalais Dresden.

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HarzClassixFestival – Guest concert with Rolf-Peter Wille and Hans-Christian Wille

Experience masterpieces by Robert Schumann and Frédéric Chopin - two composers who have been friends. Both were born in 1810 and both have been in Dresden.

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Recital with Olga Chelova

Masterpieces of Viennese Classic at Coselpalais

Enjoy masterpieces of Viennese Classic by Beethoven, Schumann and Liszt presented by Olga Chelova

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Young virtuosos - Peter Naryshkin & Hyoun-Joon Jo

VIENNA CLASSIC: Masterpieces of piano music - concert pianist SoRyang

VIENNA CLASSIC: Young virtuosos - Elin Kolev & Uram Kim